GANGA Flap Barrier: Elevating Intelligent Passageway Management

The GANGA Flap Barrier is a cutting-edge product designed to provide intelligent management for passageways. It’s tailored to meet the needs of high-end neighborhoods, intelligent buildings, hotels, subways, airports, metro stations, clubs, factories, and more. These flap barriers are renowned for their compact footprint, making them ideal for situations where slide and swing gates are impractical.

Efficient Traffic Control:
The quick movement of the FLAP BARRIER speed gate ensures the smooth and secure flow of traffic while reducing the risk of tailgating.

High-Performance Features:
– Rapid open or close cycle-time of less than 10 seconds.
– Minimizes site exposure time, enhancing security.
– Durable and robust construction with a full stainless steel build.
– Standard built-in battery backup for uninterrupted operation.
– Built-in USB terminal and packaged software.
– Optional gate diagnostics and remote serviceability.
– Ability to perform diagnostics and programming.
– Remote serviceability via Ethernet connection.

Intelligent Crowd Management:
The FLAP BARRIER can seamlessly integrate with various identification technologies, offering intelligent control and management of crowd flow within buildings.

Elevate your passageway management with the GANGA Flap Barrier—a high-tech solution designed for efficiency, security, and intelligent control.