Unparalleled Convenience in Challenging Conditions

Experience unmatched convenience even in the harshest climatic and surface conditions with our Cantilever Sliding Gates. These gates operate smoothly and quietly, without the need for bottom support on the ground level, ensuring hassle-free functionality.

Versatile Modes
Available in both Single and Bi-Parting modes, our Cantilever Sliding Gates offer flexibility to suit your specific needs.

Ideal for Uneven Surfaces
These gates are the perfect solution for areas with uneven or sloping road surfaces. Their cantilever design ensures that they don’t come into contact with the ground, reducing the risk of blockages.

Resilience in Extreme Conditions
Designed to thrive in areas prone to waterlogging and adverse weather conditions, our gates are engineered to withstand the worst of Mother Nature’s challenges.

Impressive Specifications
With a power supply of 400W, a current absorption rate of up to 4A, and the capability to support an operator weight of up to 123Kg, these gates are built to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Elevate your entrance solutions with Cantilever Sliding Gates that combine convenience, resilience, and versatility, ensuring smooth operation regardless of the conditions.