PRIME Clean Room High-Speed Doors: Protect Your Environment

Shield your space from drafts, humidity, dust, and dirt with PRIME Clean Room High-Speed Doors. These doors create an almost airtight seal, significantly reducing pressure drop and fortifying your environment against unwanted elements. Meeting international clean room standards, these airtight doors are the perfect fit for clean room applications across pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, and micro-mechanics industries.

Controlled Environment Assurance
The swift opening and closing speed of our doors not only enhances efficiency but also exerts control over air exchange, minimizing the influx of contaminants. For added safety, our doors feature a break-away system that prioritizes the well-being of both personnel and equipment.

PRIME Clean Rooms: Precision Engineering for Controlled Environments
Our PRIME Clean Rooms high-speed flexible door in PVC is designed for interior applications. It boasts a frame free of rigid elements, featuring a perimeter structure made entirely of stainless steel. With its compact frame and special sliding system, this roll-up door offers low permeability, making it the ideal choice for controlled environments.

Elevate the standards of cleanliness and control in your workspace with PRIME Clean Room High-Speed Doors. Trust in our doors to safeguard your environment and maintain the highest levels of quality.