GANGA Dock Levellers: Your Bridge to Efficient Loading and Unloading

GANGA dock levellers are meticulously designed to serve as a seamless bridge between warehouses and the bodies of trucks or trailers. Our goal is to facilitate quick and unimpeded movement of forklifts during the loading and unloading processes. Our dock levellers are also compatible with trucks equipped with tail-lifts, ensuring versatility in your operations.

Three Exceptional Options:

1. Electrohydraulic Dock Levellers with Hinged Lip: Offering reliability and efficiency, this option features a hinged lip for easy manoeuvring.
2. Electro-hydraulic Dock Levellers with Telescopic Lip: Enjoy the benefits of a telescopic lip for added convenience and functionality.
3. Mechanical Dock Levellers: This option provides a dependable solution for your loading and unloading needs.

High-Performance Features:
– A platform with an upper sheet of tear plate, boasting a thickness of 6/8mm, accompanied by a set of laminated profiles and protective side panels.
– A robust lip crafted from tear plate sheet, with a thickness of 10/12mm. The lip is thoughtfully folded and milled at the end to seamlessly accommodate the passage of forklifts.
– The inferior structure is formed by laminated profiles, serving as the foundation for the platform and hydraulic assembly.

Safety at the Core:
Safety is our utmost priority. Our dock levellers incorporate diverse safety systems:
– An emergency stop function.
– An anti-fall safety valve within the hydraulic cylinder.
– Fixed and mobile side panels that act as foot guards.
– A platform with an upper surface anti-fall tear plate.
– Safety signals in the form of stickers on moving parts.
– A safety bar to prevent the leveller from closing during maintenance work.

Elevate your loading and unloading efficiency while prioritizing safety with GANGA Dock Levellers. Choose the bridge that ensures smooth operations in your warehouse.