Experience the versatility and customization of our shutter systems. Available in a range of styles, each one meticulously crafted to your precise specifications, our shutters stand out in the market. They are self-supporting, eliminating the need for additional structural tubes to bear the weight of the coil. The coil housing comes in various shapes, including square, round, and 45 degrees, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs.

Choose from a wide array of standard colors or opt for a customized color to match your aesthetics. Our shutters boast a durable, scratch, and corrosion-resistant powder coating. You have the choice between motorized or manual operation, with the convenience of remote access.

For those seeking external rolling shutters, we offer both perforated (small holes) and punched (rectangle holes) slats, providing 30-40% light transmission when sufficient backlight is available. Additionally, our vertical roller shutters are available with manual or electric operation, offering a choice between a solid or perforated curtain. Our range of perforated rolling shutter designs perfectly balances the need for light and visibility while ensuring high-level security. These shutters are ideal for retail establishments, where ‘window shopping’ is vital for generating trade.