GANGA Full Height Turnstiles: Secure and Efficient Access Control

GANGA Full Height Turnstiles present an ideal solution for a variety of modern applications. These turnstiles are constructed from stainless steel, ensuring durability and reliability in controlling access.

Key Features:
– Quick Movement: The quick movement of the turnstile enhances traffic flow in a secure and efficient manner while minimizing the risk of tailgating.
– Comprehensive Access Control: Our turnstiles offer a comprehensive range of basic features, allowing for customization to meet the specific requirements of clients. They are suitable for access control in hotels, factories, parks, stadiums, restricted buildings, and public spaces.
– Various Access Options: Access can be managed through various methods such as access cards, push buttons, and sensors, ensuring secure entry and exit in restricted areas.
– Integration with Access Control Systems: These turnstiles can seamlessly integrate with a range of access control systems, meeting the diverse needs of modern applications.
– Bi-Directional or Single Direction: Available in single or double lines, GANGA Full Height Turnstiles can be configured as bi-directional or single direction, enhancing their adaptability.

Elevate your access control with GANGA Full Height Turnstiles—a secure and efficient solution designed to meet the demands of various contemporary applications.