Introducing ZipFlex: Self-Repairing High-Speed Doors for Ultimate Safety and Efficiency

Experience the future of high-speed doors with ZipFlex – a revolutionary solution equipped with a special self-repair system. In the event of an accidental curtain dislodgment due to impact, ZipFlex automatically recovers with a simple open and close operation. This innovative technology ensures uninterrupted operation and enhanced safety.

ZipFlex high-speed doors are designed for both interior and exterior openings. They excel at tightly sealing your environment from harsh outdoor conditions while maintaining impeccable hygiene standards. In the event of a break, the door automatically remains open to prioritize safety.

Safety First
All our Zip Doors are fitted with safety sensors and safety edges, ensuring your peace of mind. They come pre-cabled for a hassle-free “Plug and Go” installation.

Customizable Design
Our curtains are crafted from polyester-reinforced PVC and are available in a variety of colors. You can personalize the curtain with your own artwork or opt for standard signs like ‘NO ENTRY’ or ‘NO PEDESTRIAN ACCESS.’ For added visibility, standard PVC vision reinforcement strips are strategically placed, and clear PVC vision panels can be added upon request. While our standard colors are Blue and Yellow, we offer a range of other colors at an additional cost.

Elevate safety, efficiency, and aesthetics with ZipFlex – the intelligent choice for high-speed doors. Discover the future of door technology today.