Automate Your Gates for Effortless Convenience

Transforming manual gates into automated ones has never been easier. Swing gates with automation offer a hassle-free solution, requiring minimal civil work to get your gate system up and running smoothly.

Perfect for Heavy Gates
When the weight of your gate makes manual operation impractical, an automatic swing gate operator becomes the ideal choice. Whether your gate sees intensive or minimal usage, and whether you need a single or double gate, GANGA Swing gates offer a range of options to meet your specific requirements.

Smart Control Technology
GANGA Swing gates incorporate cutting-edge microprocessor technology, providing intelligent control systems that empower your gate to perform a range of smart functions.

Key Features
– Available in single and double-leaf operations
– Heavy-duty, maintenance-free operators with a capacity of up to 120 Kgs per leaf
– Micro-processor-controlled intelligent operating system
– Energy-efficient and eco-friendly
– Exceptional safety features
– Manual opening in case of power failure, effortless and straightforward
– Precision gearbox for smooth and quiet operations
– Advanced obstacle detection capability for enhanced safety

Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that come with GANGA Swing gates, where high-performance features meet intelligent automation for your gate needs.