Enhanced Fire Safety with Automated Fire Rated Roller Shutters

Our Fire Rated Roller Shutters are a crucial component of fire safety, constructed with high-tensile and thermally expansive materials. They act as a vital barrier, effectively containing the spread of fire and minimizing potential losses during fire incidents.

Customized Fire Protection
Choose from a range of Fire Rated Roller Shutters with fire-resistant durations of 1, 2, hours. You have the flexibility to select your preferred finish, including powder-coated, color-coated, or natural finishes, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your space.

Stringent Compliance and Standards
Rest assured, our shutters comply with the highest safety standards, including BS 476: PART 20 & 22, giving you the best in terms of fire safety.

Integration for Swift Response
Our operating system is designed for seamless integration with fire alarm systems and smoke detectors. It automatically closes upon activation of the thermal fusible link, which triggers at 72°C, ensuring a swift and effective response to fire emergencies.

Invest in our Fire Rated Roller Shutters to fortify your fire safety measures, protecting both life and property.