GANGA Dock Shelters: Efficient Sealing for Smooth Loading and Unloading

Our dock shelters are purposefully designed to create a secure seal between the loading dock and the truck body, ensuring the swift and safe loading and unloading of goods. With standard dimensions that accommodate trucks of various sizes, from small vehicles to standard trailers, we offer versatility in your operations.

Uninterrupted Operations in Any Weather:
When you utilize our dock shelters, a portion of the truck body is positioned inside the shelter, allowing you to load and unload goods regardless of weather conditions. This setup maintains the microclimate within your storage area and prevents drafts from entering.

Two Exceptional Types:
1. Inflatable Dock Shelters: Offering flexibility and efficiency.
2. Curtain Type Dock Shelters: Available in non-collapsible or retractable structures, providing options to suit your needs.

High-Performance Features:
– Our dock shelters are meticulously designed to deliver optimal thermal insulation, resulting in significant energy savings while maintaining a clean facility.
– With a signaling system in place, truck approach operations to the loading bay are streamlined, enhancing loading and unloading maneuvers’ flexibility and speed.
– The dock shelter consists of a perimeter structure that holds a set of canvases, which adapt seamlessly to the truck’s bodywork.
– The structure can be crafted from various materials, depending on the type of shelter, whether it’s retractable, fixed, leveled with the facade, inflatable, or designed for cold storage.

Experience the efficiency and energy savings that come with GANGA Dock Shelters, making your loading and unloading operations more productive and weather-resistant. Choose the seal that keeps your facility clean and well-insulated.