Ganga Barriers

Our barriers are manufactured with the best safety features and can stop instantly if it is obstructed during operation. It has inbuilt force sensor to detect the obstruction and can be programmed as per customers' requirements. Further it is enhanced with safety sensors i.e. Photocell or Magnetic Loop securing any movement of the barrier in case if the vehicle is passing through the gate. All our barriers are auto reversible in case of any obstruction of photocell is noticed.

Rubber Protection under the boom is provided to offer more safety in case the boom hits any vehicle owing to any kind of malfunction. Safety Flashing lamps or LED lights can be installed on the barrier and the boom as per the requirement of the client.

We have Electro Mechanical and Hydraulic Barriers suiting your requirement ranging from 4Mts to 8Mts in Length, with opening time from 3 Sec to 6 Sec. The implementation of these barriers depend on the site requirement and our expert team would offer you the best solution for trouble free day to day operations